Today marks the first day of a new unit: Throwing and Catching. Second grade French B students are super excited to enthusiastically review some skills previously learned!!!
almost 3 years ago, Coumba Gueye
Throwing and Catching
5th grade TCP students developing their coding skills
almost 3 years ago, Celine Dissel
C5A Coding Class
Come visit the SLLIS website!
about 3 years ago, Lilith Werner
Check out these student drawings!
about 3 years ago, Lilith Werner
Attention all SLLIS parents and guardians: Due to today’s verdict, we are beginning an immediate early dismissal. This is an emergency situation and we ask you to please pick up your children as soon as possible. We are going to keep students safe in the building until parents/guardians arrive to SLLIS.
about 3 years ago, Lilith Werner