Before and After Care- Boys & Girls Club

SLLIS partners with the Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis (BGCSTL) to provide before and after care for our families. Families must enroll through the Boys and Girls Club. Please contact Fe'Dale Waters for enrollment information:

Fe'Dale Waters | Club Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis-Adams Park

4317 Vista Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110

Office: 314-335-8201 |

  • Before Care with BGCSTL

    • Before Care happens on site each morning at SLLIS. Drop-off starts as early as 6:00 am. When school opens at 8:10 am, students go to breakfast and then head to class. The cost for Before Care is $60 per month.

  • After Care with BGCSTL

    • Students board a shuttle each day and head to the After Care site, which is located at 4317 Vista Avenue, approximately ten minutes from SLLIS. There, students eat a snack, do their homework, and engage in choice activities until their parents pick them up. Students arrive at After Care at 4:00 pm and can be picked up any time before 8:00 pm on Monday through Thursday and any time before 6:00 pm on Friday. The cost for After Care is $80 per month.

After School Learning through Beyond School

Beyond School is an expanded learning opportunity for students focusing on individualized academic support, social and emotional learning, community engagement, and enrichment activities. Beyond School programming is available for Grades K-8 and occurs Monday through Friday on SLLIS’ campus until 6:00 pm.

To learn about how to register for Beyond School, contact Peter Gioia, Beyond School Coordinator, at

Beyond School (BS) is able to engage students, teachers, and volunteers in a unique way combined to create a high-quality, outcome-driven program through: 

  • Collaborative Programming: BS is embedded within SLLIS. In addition, we regularly involve parents as key partners in the program. This enables us to truly work with schools and families to address the needs of our students. 

  • Detailed Trauma-Sensitive Services: Our program model is aligned with best practices for trauma-informed services and promotes positive, caring relationships that encourage healthy self-expression, model self-regulation skills, inspire learning, and promote self-advocacy and conflict/resolution skills. 

  • Unbeatable Results: We approach each student from a holistic perspective and structure our activities to help with the development and growth in every area a child needs to be successful. Our students receive 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 training each day. Our results demonstrate that the model works: over 2 months average student growth in reading, math, and science for every 1 month in the program (2-1 model).  

Evidence-Informed Programming: Above and beyond the average after-school program, BS provides holistic support for students and their families based upon research. Our activities focus on 3 critical areas that studies show point to increased risk for high school dropout: academic achievement, social/emotional learning, and community engagement/enrichment.