SLLIS Dual Language Program

French, Spanish, or Chinese? 

Choose our French, Spanish, or Chinese Program when your student enrolls at SLLIS!

The Language of Connection

At SLLIS, our Dual Language Immersion Model prepares our students for a limitless future. Each day, all core content areas are taught in the designated Language of Instruction, resulting in the balance between the target language and English that makes our model so unique - and supports our learners to become proficient in their native language and the target language.

Click here for a breakdown of each core content area and the corresponding Language of Instruction for our French, Spanish, and Chinese Programs.

Bonjour! Ni Hao! Hola!

When you visit SLLIS, you will see Language of the Day signs all over campus. The Language of the Day is the designated language used for everyday interactions at school - recess, lunch, informal conversations - to the greatest extent possible. This daily, informal, colloquial practice is how our learners become fully bilingual and biliterate!


Learning from One Another

We learn languages by interacting with each other. Throughout the day, our students work in “bilingual pairs” to provide “parallel effort” towards their learning goals. They learn how to work closely with their peers and will ultimately reach a much deeper level of language learning through collaboration.