Spotlight: 2021-2022 The Chinese Program


After working as a research assistant for 1 year, I found my passion in Education and decided to change my career. Last year I graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis and then worked in Woerner Elementary School as a 4th/5th Grade classroom teacher.

- Tingting Zhang


I deeply believe the power of early education and collaboration between school and families. Each child is unique. One of the most crucial reasons for me to be a teacher is the role of supporting students to explore their potentials and being a small but positive factor in their life.

- Siyi Li


I love teaching and enjoy being around with children. I am a passionate, creative and committed teacher with a focus to create a supportive, bilingual, multicultural and STEM-rich learning environment for all students that fosters child development and 21st century learners.

- Nannan Huang


I have a strong passion for education and enjoy sharing cultures and values with the students across the programs. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and currently earning my Master’s degree in Elementary Education from UMSL.

- Mark Wang


I have a passion for teaching which is evident in my combined 20 years of teaching experience in both Taiwan and the United States. I am intently focused on providing a meaningful and diverse educational experience for my students.

- Tzu-Shan Winkler


I enjoy building a strong classroom culture with my students and having everyone feel included. I speak 5 languages (Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, Russian and English) so far and I would love to master and conquer more.

- Fan Yang


My passion for teaching Mandarin motivated me to seek a role with SLLIS, and I am excited to use my wonderful blend of experience, enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill to create a legacy.

- Dr. Miao Zhao


I’m from Taoyuan, Taiwan. I’m now a master degree student majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I love playing basketball, baking and gardening.

- Pei-Yu Chuang


I have experience working with children from many volunteer programs in both America and Japan. These experiences have taught me that no matter where in the world, being around children is always a lively and educational opportunity.

- Laiyi Li


I am a third-year student of Chinese Studies at National Quemoy University in Taiwan. I am fond of teaching and I have had experience in teaching Chinese in school.

- Rebecca Lin