Spotlight: 2022-2023 New faces


Lisa Tariq was born and raised in New York and has worked within the field of Education for over nine years. Mrs. Tariq's teaching positions as a Special Education and Bilingual Teacher have afforded her invaluable experience working with children of varying educational and cultural backgrounds.

- Lisa Tariq, Special Programs Director


Dr. Munoz is a bilingual educator who has been a SLLIS staff member since 2013. To achieve the goal of providing equitable, bilingual, and transformational education to the students of SLLIS, Dr. Munoz obtained his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Saint Louis University in 2022.

- Dr. Raul Munoz, Assistant Principal


Niccoll Lauderdale is an East St. Louis native. Ms. Lauderdale has served in the field of education for the past 10 years, including serving in St. Louis as an Instructional Coach.

- Niccoll Lauderdale, Instructional Coach


Eric Johnson has been a trombonist for the past 20 years and Music Educator for the last 11 years. Music is an intricate part of his life; to that end, his philosophy is to create marketable musicians through love, passion and rigor.

- Eric Johnson, Music Teacher


Jose Rodriguez was born in Nicaragua and grew up in Mississippi. He attended the University of Mississippi and has taught for 5 years. Jose loves traveling and live music. He has two cats, Murph and Adora.

- Jose Rodriguez, TSP Teacher


Estefania Aguilar has been a teacher in multiple countries. She was born and raised in Oaxaca Mexico. Estefania loves teaching, traveling, and meeting new people from different backgrounds.

- Estefania Aguilar, TSP Teacher


Karen Rojas Davila, a Peruvian educator, has extensive experience in teaching foreign/second languages here in the United States and abroad. She is committed to supporting the transformation of St. Louis children’s lives in a multicultural classroom.

- Dr. Karen Rojas Davila, TSP Teacher


At a very young age, Mme. Coumba discovered a passion in teaching and in advocating for children. Mme. Coumba joined the SLLIS family in 2013 and decided to dedicate herself to contributing to the success of its mission and purpose.

- Coumba Gueye, TFP Teacher


Christel St. Firmin has been a teacher for more than eight years. She is from Puebla, Mexico. She is a passionate teacher and has taught English, French and Spanish for 10 years. She is open-minded and strives to teach from a culturally diverse perspective.

- Christel St. Firmin, TFP Teacher


Samantha Shiver is excited to join the SLLIS team and return to South City to work with students and families! Her background is in Special Education and Social Work, and she has a passion for fusing the two practices together to optimize students' success.

- Samantha Shiver, Social Worker and Special Education Support, Special Services


Daniel Mejía Rodríguez is a native of Honduras in Central America. He is a certified professional educator with over twenty years of experience in the field of bilingual education. He has taught at both elementary and middle schools molding young minds.

- Daniel Mejia Rodriguez, Middle School Science Teacher


Miao’s passion for teaching Mandarin motivated her to seek a role with SLLIS, and she is excited to use her wonderful blend of experience, enthusiasm, knowledge, and skill to create a legacy. Miao served as SLLIS’ Virtual Chinese Teacher during the 2021-2022 school year.

- Dr. Miao Zhao, Middle School Math Teacher


Maria Jose Gomez Dominguez finished her Master's Degree in English language and Literature, and moved to London to immerse herself in the culture. She has experience teaching in two different countries: Spain and the United Kingdom.

- Maria Jose Gomez Dominguez, Library, Literacy, Media Specialist


Li Yang received her master's degree in World Language Education from the University of Georgia. She is a native Chinese speaker. Li loves her job working as a teacher and has a big heart. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds!

- Li Yang, TCP Teacher


Gabrielle Hull has a passion for inspiring young minds and a love of languages which are the source of excitement she has in joining the St. Louis Language Immersion School as a long-term substitute teacher. She is eager to see what experience the new school year will bring.

- Gabrielle Hull, Long Term Substitute

Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez Castro is a professor with an emphasis on humanities and English. Mr. Perez Castro loves new challenges and projects that expand his knowledge of education and working with students. He is from Colombia and has many years of teaching experience across all levels of education.

- Daniel Perez Castro, TSP Teacher