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Aneesah Warfield
Harmony Bell
Middle School ELA Teacher
Raelene Woody
Pre-K, Part-Time Teacher
Keisha Russell
Pre-K, Assistant Teacher
Melissa Franke
Pre-K, Assistant Teacher
Maria Castillo Treviño
Pre-K, Lead Teacher
Lisa Tariq
Special Programs Director
Niccoll Lauderdale
Instructional Coach
Gabrielle Hull
Substitute Teacher
Qingqing Wang
Library, Literacy, & Media Specialist (Chinese)
Maria Jose Gomez Dominguez
Library, Literacy, & Media Specialist (French and Spanish)
Eric Johnson
Music Teacher
Samantha Shiver
Social Worker and SPED Support
Claudia Murillo Rodriguez
Emily Dorris
Behavioral Health Therapist
Meira Sondov-Gold
Special Education Teacher
Daniel Mejia Rodriguez
Middle School Science
Christel St Firmin
French Language Immersion Teacher
Li Yang
Chinese Language Immersion Teacher
Daniel Perez Castro
Spanish Language Immersion Teacher