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Carrie Ritchie
Pre-K, Early Intervention Specialist
Taylor Macker
Occupational Therapist
Andrea Boccalon
Aneesah Warfield
Substitute Teacher
Harmony Bell
Middle School ELA Teacher
Ext. 2421
Raelene Woody
Pre-K, Part-Time Teacher
Keisha Russell
Pre-K, Assistant Teacher
Melissa Franke
Pre-K, Assistant Teacher
Maria Castillo Treviño
Pre-K, Lead Teacher
Lisa Tariq
Special Programs Director
Ext. 2225
Niccoll Lauderdale
Instructional Coach
Ext. 2419
Gabrielle Hull
Substitute Teacher
Qingqing Wang
Library, Literacy, & Media Specialist (Chinese)
Ext. 2241
Maria Jose Gomez Dominguez
Library, Literacy, & Media Specialist (French and Spanish)
Ext. 2241
Eric Johnson
Music Teacher
Ext. 2407
Samantha Shiver
Social Worker and SPED Support
Ext. 2235
Claudia Murillo Rodriguez
Emily Dorris
Behavioral Health Therapist
Ext. 2234
Meira Sondov-Gold
Special Education Teacher
Ext. 2237
Daniel Mejia Rodriguez
Middle School Science
Ext. 2422