Students work in bilingual pairs as part of the new dual language model.

Earlier this week Dr. Richard Gomez, co-founder of the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model, visited SLLIS. 

The Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model is SLLIS' new dual language framework and was developed by Dr. Richard Gomez and Dr. Leo Gomez in 1995. Since then, the pair has perfected this educational model, and it is now being implemented in over 700 schools across the country. SLLIS is the first school in Missouri to adopt this model - and the first school to use the model for French and Mandarin instruction.

During Dr. Gomez's stay, he visited every SLLIS classroom with the school leadership team. With his expert eye, Dr. Gomez was able to effectively evaluate how individual classrooms and the overall district is doing so far with the new dual language model. Dr. Gomez provided specific feedback to both teachers and administrators so that the program can continue to improve.

On Monday evening Dr. Gomez also held a Q&A session with SLLIS stakeholders. He started with overall information about the model and the research behind it, then he responded to parent questions about its implementation. You can watch the full Q&A session with Dr. Gomez on SLLIS' Facebook Page.

What's next for dual language at SLLIS? Dr. Gomez is recommending that staff continue to use word walls and content boards to enhance the literacy rich environment of the classroom. He also suggested that SLLIS staff focus on using more paired activities in the classroom and continue to emphasize reflective journal writing.

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