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Graduating 8th Grade Class of 2022 

This last month of school is a great time to spread the word about what is happening. The Advisory Newsletter club is doing just that. We are a group of awesome news reporters getting the beat on everything that highlights middle school. If you have story ideas for next year, or would like to be interviewed let us know!

Advisory Newsletter Club: Griffin Lamb , Adonai Udodor , Antoinette Lunanga , Oliver Tapia, Adonis Anderson , Ms. Anastasia Preston , Sarah Bishop , Josephine Ransom , Maliyah Crawford , Jirhe Uviesherhe 



By Maliyah, Josephine, Adonai 

You're in luck. Here's tons of fun summer plans that people are having NO need to wonder what to do during the summer! You'll have so much to choose from. We have found out about some fun and interesting things some people are doing all over the school! 

Moriah-(7A) said: she might be going to summer school, and may be hanging out with her friends. She also might be modeling. This sounds so awesome! 

Ms.Caroline (Math teacher) said: she will be spending time with her family. She will also be traveling to Texas to visit more family and friends. Finally, she will be RELAXING. I know her summer will be Spectacular!! 

Jennifer (7B) said: she will be going to Six Flags. She's gonna have a THRILL RIDE!! 

Madam Perla (Art teacher) said: she will be traveling to a wonderful place and she’s going to go to work at Fendler Nursery. Traveling AND gardening sounds SO exciting!! 

Iris (6B) said: she will be attending the Beyond School Summer school program and swimming. She will also have many sleepovers. Iris is going to be having so much fun!! 

Zayli (6B) said: she will be swimming and making many plans with her grandma and hanging out with friends. Zayli says family time is always a good time!! 

Mr.Nombre said: he is going out to France and also traveling to North Africa and Burkina Faso.Traveling is always a good idea!! 

Ms.Tiana said: She is going to California and will be teaching at the Beyond School summer program.

Exciting Futures 

By Sarah Bishop 

Interview with Ms. Blackwell 

Sarah: Do you have any fun or exciting summer plans? 

Ms. Blackwell: Yes! I am going to visit my family in Georgia and Philadelphia. I'm also looking forward to relaxing on the beach for at least a week.

Sarah: What do you have planned for middle school next year? 

Ms. Blackwell: We are excited to add a variety of really cool electives, more events led by students, and as always we are looking to add more target language options. 

Sarah: Do you have any advice for our 8th graders starting high school? Ms. Blackwell: Absolutely! I would encourage them to be leaders and not be afraid to ask questions if they are unsure about anything. I would also want them to know that their SLLIS family is ALWAYS here for them if they need anything. Finally, if they are playing sports, please share their schedules with us so we will come and support them! 

Interview with Oliver-8th grader 

Sarah: What are your fun or exciting plans for the summer? 

Oliver: Over the summer I plan to practice my driving skills. In July I'm going to Mexico with my mom for fun. In Mexico Zamora michoacan. In my freetime i like to ride my dad's motorcycle. 

Sarah: What are your highschool plans? 

Oliver: I'm going to st. Mary's, in st. louis. St. Mary’s is an all boys school, and i'm excited to go there. My goals in highschool are to get good grades and graduate. 

Sarah: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Oliver:When I grow up, I want to be a drifter. A drifter is a racer who does cool tricks while racing.

Interview with Aria-8th grader 

Sarah: What are your fun or exciting plans for the summer? 

Aria: I'm going to Colorado to spend time with my dad and celebrate my 14th birthday. 

Sarah: What are your highschool plans? 

Aria: I'm going to Clyde C. Miller in Saint louis. I'm excited to go to highschool. 

Sarah: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Aria: When I grow up I want to be a Pediatrician, a pediatrician is a doctor who helps children. 

Interview with Nina-8th grader 

Sarah: What are your fun or exciting plans for the summer? 

Nina: I'm gonna go camping with girl scouts in camp Takahoe. I don't really have any other set plans. 

Sarah: What are your highschool plans? 

Nina: I'm gonna go to the Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience. 

Sarah: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Nina: I dont have have a specific plan. But I would like to work in the field of science and/or crime. 

Interview with Jessica-8th grader 

Sarah: What are your fun or exciting plans for the summer? 

Jessica: Over the summer, I'm going to Mexico to visit 

my family. I'm excited to maybe go to the beach, and to visit with my dad. 

Sarah: What are your highschool plans? 

Jessica: I plan on going to Grand Center Arts academy for highschool. I'm excited to start learning to play the drum, and seeing my friend.

Sarah: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Jessica: I'm not sure what job I want but maybe a veterinarian. I would like to be a veterinarian so that I could help animals. 

Miles of Smiles on Pine Street, St. Louis, MO 

Mme. Coumba takes her signature picture with the graduates every year in May.

Fourteen Fun Summer Activities For You By Jirhe Uviesherhe 

1. Bike rides. Have a fun bike ride with your parents. Since hot summer days are coming up, make sure to bring water! 

2. Make ice cream. 

3. Meet friends at the local playground. 

4. Have a picnic at a local or state park. 

5. Sidewalk chalk murals. Get some fun colored chalk and you can create some really fun chalk murals and designs. 

6. Backyard camping. 

7. Backyard stargazing. Put out a few blankets and lie down in your backyard, and gaze upon the stars. 

8. Check out the local county fair. Most major cities will have some sort of carnival or county fair which will definitely be delightful. 

9. Kids science experiments. If you like to stay indoors, no problem – increase your brain power and curiosity with awesome fun and easy science experiments! 10.Local tennis camp. Tennis is one of those sports that most kids don’t get to play during the school year. But your town likely has a fun kids tennis camp that a kid can enjoy. 

11. Make a kaleidoscope. This would be fun to do if it happens to rain, or even if you want something different to do.! If you are the crafty type, do some research and learn how to make one! 

12.Sidewalk foam paint. There are other creative ways to write on your sidewalk! You can make some perfectly harmless foam paint. Research the internet for a creative and fun DIY foam activity to have some fun with your friends! 

13.Water balloon baseball. Sometimes, combining two summer activities can make for an exciting way to play outside. Just take a wiffle ball bat and fill up some water balloons. Now, you can play baseball with a splash! 

14.DIY bird feeder. This kid friendly bird feeder takes toilet paper rolls spread with peanut butter and rolled in bird seed. After hanging it on a branch, you can watch as the birds come and get something to eat!

Ready For Graduation Day In ELA Class! Black Excellence for Black History Month! Jessica, Nina, Ayla, Ava, Lailah, Destiny, Aicha Donnell Dampier 

The 8th Grade Graduation Board-All 8th graders and their teachers posted little kid pictures and their current picture; for some “Guess Who?” Fun! Turn the “WOW” around & you get “MOM”.

Ask “The Pencil”

-Our Advice Columnist 

The Pencil has interviewed the 8th grade class to see what they see in themselves and how they see others. Here is the 1st Annual List of Superb Superlatives: 

*Most likely to become Future President/Most Intellectual–Nina 

*Most likely to be late to Graduation–Donnell 

*Most likely to win an Olympic medal and the most Athletic/ Become a Farmer–Adrian *Best voice/Life of the Party/Best Handwriting–Destiny 

*Most likely to to become a Farmer and/or a Ninja–Oliver 

*Best pick for the C.I.A./Best TikTok videos/Most likely to be on a Reality show–Ava *Most likely to become a Politician/Best Gamer–Shawn 

*Best Photographer/Most Artistic–Don 

*Most Caring/Most likely to walk into a wall while Texting–Jessica *Most Unique-London 

*Most likely to write the next Harry Potter–Ayla 

*Best Eyes–Erick 

*Biggest Drama King/Most likely to get the teacher of topic–Emaj 

*Biggest Drama Queen/Best Smile–Aicha 

*Most likely to be sleeping in Class–Aria 

*Most likely to win “Chopped”--Anyea 

*Best Hair/Most likely to win the Lottery & lose the Ticket–Lailah

Being a Teacher-Mom 

By Ms. Preston 

Editor in Chief 

I was a teacher this year, but I was also a Mom. My daughter is in my 8th grade class this year. She didn’t stop calling me Mom, nor did I refrain from calling her by her nickname. It is normal for us to interact this way. She’s been by my side in all of my classrooms since she was born. School is her second home and being with children all day is normal for me; whether it be my own children or the school’s children. I have learned and believed that it is so important to treat each child as if they are my own. Caring about well-being, educational successes, emotional balance, and classroom experiences of each child and student is more than important; it is essential. Each of my students know that I don’t play about grades, but that I totally enjoy rewarding them and their efforts all along the way. Connecting with my students from the core is key. It also helps everyone grow in the long run. 

Recently, a 6th grade student and her mother gave me a thank you card to end the year. In the closing, she said she appreciated me being her, “School Mom”. They are both very appreciative; along with other middle school parents, who’ve let me know that they appreciate my presence on the middle school team and working with their individual child. Though many of my 8th graders moaned and groaned at my motherly-teacher ways, I know they will benefit from all the extra reading and writing that I lovingly assigned throughout the year. I continually persuaded them that hard work pays off in the end. A few of their eyes have glimmered in an appreciative way since the start of the year. In the wrap of this year, I feel that they are letting me know they finally get why I was so hard on them this year…They have recently shown that they understand that I was just trying to get their attention and keep it.

During my advisory class’ Thirsty-Thursday snack days, a few advisory Moms totally volunteered to support our snacking practice throughout some weeks during the school year. Moms who band together in team work; make the dream work. I am SO thankful to them and their hearts. On each of those Thursdays in advisory, during the first semester, we emailed our assistant principal with hopes of contributing to the improvement of things we wanted to be a part of, help out with, or see changed or fixed. Our efforts were always rewarded with a quick answer and results. The teacher-mom in me was ecstatic and ready to lead some more. 

As a school family, we’ve continued to work together for our greater good. As each week has come to a close, we’ve come to the end of the year, and now we look forward to wrapping all things up. The last day of school is right around the corner. For sure, there might be a few tears–With the new year to come in just a few months, we’ll start all over again. 

They say a mother's job is never done..The same is true, if not double or triple time that is spent, for a teacher-mom. I’ll clean up the classroom, refresh my lessons, organize my files, and get ready for next year’s achievements and adventures. 

Happy End of the School Year! 

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