Common Questions About St. Louis Language Immersion School (SLLIS)

What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are publicly funded, independently operated schools. Charter schools must have an authorizer that is responsible for holding the charter school accountable for compliance with their operating agreements (or “charters”). The University of Missouri St. Louis is the authorizer for SLLIS.

Who can attend SLLIS?

Any St. Louis City or County resident may attend SLLIS. New students must be entering kindergarten or first grade due to the nature of a bilingual curriculum. Students in grades 2-8 may apply if they have previously attended a language immersion school or are able to demonstrate proficiency upon assessment.

What is the Cost of Tuition?

Free to St. Louis City residents. St. Louis County residents may enroll in this unique education model at $11,000 per year.

Does My Child Have to Know the Language?

No. In fact, 90% of SLLIS students have no previous exposure to learning a foreign language.

How Does SLLIS Accommodate Gifted Students?

SLLIS applies the academic program known as the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model, which is structured to be a Gifted and Talented program for all. With its rigorous approach and heavy emphasis on literacy across the curriculum, this program puts students on the path to academic biliteracy.

What are the Qualifications for Teachers at SLLIS?

Teachers must possess a bachelor’s degree in education, language or literacy or a closely related field, or equivalent credentials` from the country in which the teacher received their training. Classroom teachers must possess near-native spoken and written fluency in the target language of instruction.

How Can I Help My Child with Their Homework if I Don't Speak the Target Language?

Don’t worry! Homework within the dual language model is intended to be based on skills that your student has already mastered.

Does SLLIS Offer Music, Art, Library, and P.E.?

Yes, each class will receive instruction in music, visual art, library, and physical education each week.

Is Before- and After-School Care Offered?

Yes, the Boys and Girls Club, a long-time leader in youth programming, offers before- and after-school care for SLLIS students.

Does SLLIS Provide Bus Services?

Yes, bus services are provided to all students who reside in St. Louis City. SLLIS contracts its bus services through First Student.

Does SLLIS Provide Breakfast and Lunch?

Yes, breakfast and lunch are provided daily. As a public school, SLLIS participates in the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Students may choose to eat the school lunch or bring a lunch from home.

If for some reason your child or their account doesn’t have funds available that day, your child is still welcome to receive a meal. A balance will be added to the account for later payment.