Mission, Beliefs, and Parameters

Our Mission

The mission of the St. Louis Language Immersion School, an innovative, diverse, socially-conscious, public charter school, is to develop empathetic, high-achieving, bilingual, globally-minded students by providing a rigorous academic foundation that fosters critical thinking and problem solving.


We believe:

  • All children can and do learn.

  • Adults can and do learn.

  • In equitable outcomes and we believe needs vary.

  • Empathy builds community and community builds empathy.

  • Every person is unique and we can learn from each other’s differences.

  • When we collaborate as a community all students succeed.

  • Students, parents, families, and staff comprise our school community.

  • Reflection and mindfulness promote growth.

  • Communication can bring peace to the family and the world.

  • Learning another language opens up opportunities.

  • All individuals deserve respect.

  • All individuals have intrinsic value.

  • Celebration is necessary to define who we are and what we value.

  • Diversity strengthens us and can enhance our learning and understanding.

  • Risk and change are necessary to improve.

  • To succeed, one must risk failing.

  • Honest dialogue about oppression is essential.

  • Education is necessary for an equitable and ethical society.

  • In making all decisions through a lens of intentional inclusion.

  • Data inform us.

  • There are basic human needs.

  • Critical thinking and leadership skills are vital.


  • We will evaluate all procedures for efficiency and effectiveness.

  • We will not initiate anything new without prioritizing, clarifying, and communicating expectations to all relevant stakeholders.

  • We will make all decisions based on the best interests of the student.

  • We will not expect high quality implementations without high quality training.