Grading and Progress Reports

We report student learning with Narrative Progress Reports. Parents receive these progress reports each trimester and have the opportunity to discuss them at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Narrative Progress Reports

The Narrative Progress Reports take a snapshot of your child’s progress each quarter and are designed to answer three important questions for parents:

  • Do the teachers really know my child?
  • Do the teachers know what my child is mastering?
  • Do the teachers know where my child is struggling?

Teachers will provide the following information in a Narrative Progress Report:

  • The units, short projects and long projects the class experienced
  • How your child approached the work, including what questions they asked
  • Which discoveries they made that inspired further study
  • Physical, intellectual and socio-emotional development

Our teachers use the Missouri Show-Me Standards and Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) to plan the sequence of skills introduced in each subject area at each grade level.

If you have questions about how your child is progressing on any subject-specific skill, please ask your child’s teacher to explain when and how it is being introduced in the classroom and how your child is mastering it.

Each year, SLLIS distributes checklists of each set of GLEs for your reference. Teachers do not produce a tally of each checklist for the progress report.

Narrative Progress Reports will be distributed at the end of each trimester.