Looking for Hosts for our 2018-2019 Interns
Rob Biesendorfer
Thursday, February 01, 2018

Host families play a vital role in the success of an intern program.  By welcoming an intern from another country into their home, volunteer host families gain friendship, understanding, knowledge and a connection to the world.  They will experience new tastes and customs, and have the chance to practice their intern’s language.  Their children will learn about different parts of the world from the intern, and may receive extra help with their own language studies.

Long-lasting relationships that may develop between the family and intern can lead to an ongoing exchange of friendship and hospitality.  Children may also benefit from having an international friend and a foreign pen pal.  Learning about another culture may create new interests in travel and international issues.  Hosts may also gain a new perspective of Americans and American culture as seen through the intern’s eyes, leading, perhaps, to broadening their own opinions, beliefs and values.

Please contact Mr. Biesendorfer if you are interested in hosting an intern.